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School profile

      The School of Electronic and Information Engineering is a young engineering school in Shanghai Dianji University, it is one of the most developmental potential school.

In February 2001, in order to response to the requirements of higher education for the development of factories and enterprises in China, Shanghai Dianji University decided to establish the Department of Information Engineering, that is based on the major of computer application and maintenance  of the former Department of Electrical Engineering.

       In April 2006, the Department of Electrical Engineering renamed the School of Electronic and Information Engineering. In order to meet the needs of high-tech application-oriented talents in regional socio-economic development, the school continuously adjusts and optimizes its structure of specialties.

      The School of Electronic and Information Engineering aims at cultivating high-tech application-oriented talents in the fields of information technology and communication technology. The school insists on teaching work as the center,  deepens teaching reform, strengthens the teaching basic construction, standardizes teaching management, and continuously improves teaching quality. The school has 7 undergraduate majors, they are Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Data Science and Big data, involving three first-level disciplines (Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering). The school has 2022 undergraduate students. In 2018, rely on “Service Training Project for National Special Needs Talents”, 18 students were recruited for master's degree programs in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology.

       The school has 3 offices, they are general office, teaching work office, and student work office. The school also has 5 departments and 1 teaching center. They are computer science department, software engineering department, electronic engineering department, communication engineering department, network engineering department, and experimental teaching center.

        The school has 667 square meters office area. It also has Computer science and technology laboratory, electronic information engineering laboratory, communication engineering laboratory, software engineering laboratory, network engineering laboratory, Internet of things Engineering Laboratory, computer basic laboratory and three discipline laboratories with an area of about 4,500 square meters and experimental equipment of 31.12 million yuan.

        The school is strong on teaching and scientific research. It has 115 staffs and 101 full-time teachers, 41 of them have senior professional titles, 51 of them have doctor degree. The school invites well-known domestic and foreign scholars as part-time professor. It has established close teaching and research cooperation with relevant institutes in China and abroad.

      In past three years, the school's scientific research income has reached 18.85667 million yuan, 398 papers have been published, 55 invention patents have been authorized, and 6 National Natural Science Foundation projects have been presided over.

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